Workout schedule, diet and health discussion

Monday, March 29

Since stopping gym membership at the end of Jan I’ve not been working out at all.. and not doing much exercise. I used to do quite a lot of walking but not even doing that anymore. I might start walking again soon when I catch up on work, then depending how I feel join a […]

Wednesday, March 24

Since getting back home I’ve been resting more and generally feeling better because of the rest. Glands are still up with the glandular fever (mono). Taking some Penicillin to hopefully clear up a cyst in my earlobe. It feels like the Penicillin is making me feel dodgy and I’ve not been feeling hungry at all, […]

Monday, March 8

Not the usual scales today but here are my stats. Still not working out. Weight: 74.7kg (164.3 lbs) Fat: 16.5% Last workout was probably January 27th. Haven taken the whole of February off and probably the rest of March too. Hope to get back and join a gym in April. I had flu recently and […]