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Wednesday, July 21

After the last workout on July 2, I hurt my neck. It was from not stretching the neck muscles to begin with, then during some standing hammer curls using the shoulders aswell as the arms I tweaked something. It was fine at the time and that evening but the following morning it felt like I’d […]

Tight Summer Booty Workout

This chick is called Zuzana and I could watch her doing her workouts and getting sweaty in her tiny outfits all day long. This is as near to gym porn as you can get in a real workout (not a fake celebrity DVD). She slightly more muscular than I’d prefer but those tits look great […]

Friday, July 2

Had a decent-ish arms workout today. Some dumbell curls, barbell curls, dips, tricep pulldowns and a few press-ups to finish with. 200g muesli and 200ml rice milk – 894 cal, 26.2g protein (muesli: 800 cal, 26g; milk: 94 cal, 0.2g) 200ml grapefruit juice – 82 cal, 1g protein 2x peanut butter bagels – 770 cal, […]

Thursday, July 1

Chocolate porridge with 25g raisins and 25g seasame seeds – 778 cal, 19.4g protein (oats: 413 cal, 12g; 200ml rice milk: 94 cal, 0.2g; square dark chocolate: 52 cal, 0.9g; raisins: 70 cal, 0.5g; seeds: 149 cal, 5.8g) 130g apple – 61 cal, 0.5g protein 2x pittas with tuna and mayo – 482 cal, 49.2g […]