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Monday, January 31

Rest day today, doing some work, hit the gym tomorrow. Measurements… Weight: 161.2 lbs Fat: 15.4% Water: 57.9% Muscle: 42.6% BMI: 22.6% BMR: 1757 Recently changed from “Calcium, zinc and magnesium” to “Calcium and vitamin D3” supplements. Taking one of each per day until the zinc and magnesium are used up. Food today… Chocolate porridge […]

Sunday, January 30

I went shopping on Wednesday and did the long walk there and back. When I got back I weighed the rucksack and it came to 25.4lbs. It was fairly heavy but it wasn’t as heavy as it has been. I’d say it’s normally 25-30lbs. I looked up the distance on a website, as the crow […]

Thursday, January 20

Went to the gym today. It’s taken me til now to get over the last session. During that time I did a long trip to the supermarket so that was a good workout too. Did almost exactly the same thing in the gym as last time. Generally feeling great at the moment. The weather has […]

Saturday, January 15

Went to the gym yesterday for the first time since about October/November. Did some pull-ups, dips, flys and push-ups. Sore today. The scales said 160lbs and 19% fat the other day, this is what they say this evening. Measurements… Weight: 163 lbs Fat: 16% Water: 57.4% Muscle: 42.2% BMI: 22.9% BMR: 1768