Workout schedule, diet and health discussion

Monday, August 15

Workout was the usual 7 mile trip to the supermarket. Heavy rucksack on the way back but posture was good and felt great at the end. Measurements (pre-workout)… Weight: 157.6 lbs Fat: 14.4% Water: 58.8% Muscle: 43.3% BMI: 22.1% BMR: 1735 Measurements (post-workout)… Weight: 155.2 lbs Fat: 13.8% Water: 59.6% Muscle: 43.8% BMI: 22.8% BMR: […]

Sunday, July 31

Took a walk in the sunshine, roughly 3.5 miles, unweighted, calculated here. 1 set pushups.

Friday, July 29


Tuesday, July 26

7 mile round trip to supermarket. Weighted on way back.