Workout schedule, diet and health discussion

Wednesday, September 12

Went for a checkup at my GP on Wednesday. Readings came out as… Blood pressure: 126/82 BMI: 22.5 Weight: 73kg Total Cholesterol: 4.8 (non-fasting) LDL: 2.3 (bad cholesterol) Triglycerides: 1.0 Blood Glucose: 4.9 HDL: 1.9 (good cholesterol) Pulse: 72

Tuesday, September 4

Gym today. Got there early, about 4.30pm. Good session. Upper body arms and finishing off focussing on shoulders. Read about the “piston bent-over rows” in Men’s Health, it’s very similar to the barbell rows but it works the core more too and mixes it up somewhat. Triceps are pretty knackered afterwards. Wide-grip pull-ups (3×10) Dips […]