Workout schedule, diet and health discussion

Tuesday, August 27

Measurements… Weight: 161.4 lbs Fat: 16.2% Water: 57.3% Muscle: 42.0% BMI: 22.6% BMR: 1737

Saturday, August 24

Up to 9 workouts this month so far. For the past few days I’ve started doing the 8/16 intermittent fast. You eat between 10am and 6pm then “fast” for 16 hours. This is what I understand it is… Not eating for a long period like that is good for you because after about 12 hours […]

Monday, August 19

Tried pre-fatiguing the arms before doing an upper body workout today. So, did some standing barbell curls before going into the pull-up, dip, push-up routine. Did some running for 5 minutes after the second set, and my upper arms felt very bloated. At the end I did a couple of sets of tricep push-downs but […]

Saturday, August 17

This month has been going well gym-wise. They have a load of bars in the aerobics part of the gym so I’ve been going in, making up a light-ish barbell and doing some Romanian Deadlifts. I’m also doing at least 5 minutes cardio each session and started doing some more ab exercises on the mat […]