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That Last Set of Ten

I’ve been doing three sets of 10 pull-ups and recently it’s just been 10 reps, then 10, then 8. Just can’t seem to do that last set of 10! It could be that it’s quite late in the day so I could be tired. I’ve been mainly doing the pull-ups after sets of dips, although […]

Friday, June 4

Had the induction at a new gym today. My membership at the last gym ran out at the end of January so it’s been 4 full months where I haven’t even been a member of a gym. That doesn’t sound like that long, but before that I’d not done anything really since mid-September: 8.5 months. […]

Mission Statement

Mission Statement To put into words the things I do every day to make it easier to see what works and what doesn’t. Look at diet, training and miscellaneous. Will act as a reference to look back on and assess progress. See the disclaimer. And… This is a personal blog, a bit like a diary. […]