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Protein Sources

After stopping taking milk and dairy products I’m looking for alternative sources of protein. They have to be Lactose-free and Soy-free. I was thinking that it might be hard to find them as Whey powder and soy are the main protein supplements I’d heard of, but there are actually quite a lot. I surfed a […]

Tuesday, May 11

Feeling much better, I’d say around 90%. Have done a 6 mile roundtrip to the supermarket with a very heavy load on the way back and I was exhausted but fine. I’m not deliberately putting off going back to the gym but with the way things are it’s probably going to be next week or […]

Monday, November 16

Food intake today… 45g cornflakes and 200ml skimmed milk – 243 cal, 10.5g protein (cornflakes: 171cal, 3.3g; milk: 72cal, 7.2g) 130g cottage cheese and 2 olive pittas – 420 cal, 26.5g protein (cottage cheese: 110cal, 15.5g; pittas: 310cal, 11g) Red Thai curry and rice – 800 cal, 85g protein (chicken: 345cal, 77g; rice: 180cal, 2g; […]

Thursday/Friday, November 12/13

My hours are off at the moment but after working out yesterday and 7 or 8 hours sleep I feel fine, not 100% but ok. One or two workouts a week should be fine with plenty of rest. This is the food intake for my day that is spread between Thursday and Friday… 200g muesli […]